Issue 6 and Volume 144.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT Part 26: PREPLANNING AND RECOVERY A Series by Casual fire suppression means relying on fire extinguishers being provided for the employee or bystander to use. I served on the NFPA Committee on Portable Fire Extinguishers for about 15 years. This experience has led me to question the general costeffectiveness of providing fire extinguishers for casual use. Even when employees have been trained, the difficulty is that the training takes place outdoors, while most fires take place indoors. It can cost up to S2,500 to outfit a firefighter to get close to a fire with a hoseline; the extinguisher requires an unprotected amateur to approach within a few feet. Space does not permit a full discussion of the pros and cons; suffice it to say that there have been many instances where the use of extinguishers has delayed the calling of the fire department. All extinguisher training sessions…

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