Issue 7 and Volume 144.

NEWS IN BRIEF Claims for Vanguard detectors misrepresented A court ruling resulting from charges that advertising claims for the Vanguard® heat detector have been misleading recently was handed down against Figgie International, Inc., the product’s manufacturer. The company was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles to place in an escrow account a minimum of $7.59 million (and maybe up to $49.95 million) so that refunds can be given to consumers who purchased the detector between May 17, 1980 and July 20, 1987. biggie International may appeal the ruling. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Richmond, Virginia, company misrepresented its Vanguard heat detector, which sold for around $170, when it claimed that it would provide the necessary warning to allow for a safe escape from most residential fires and that a combined system of heat and smoke detectors would provide significantly…

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