Issue 7 and Volume 144.

LISTENING DEVICES IN HEAVY SEARCH AND RESCUE Seismic/acoustic “listening” devices, which are relatively new tools for the fire service, provide visual and audible indication of signals from live victims trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings, trenches, and shafts. Some versions allow four or more sensors to be used simultaneously and are capable of picking up signals over a frequency range from subsonic/seismic frequencies up to the audible range, covering the total frequency range (1 Hz to 3 kHz) with one type of sensor. These devices can he useful for collapse rescues when employed in conjunction with proper operating procedures and incident command strategy. When setting up communications at an incident where listening devices are being used, provisions must be made to ensure that the listening device operator will be able to hear others around him or her. If soundattenuating headsets arc used, they should not cover both of the…

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