FDNY: Two Rescues in the Sky

Issue 7 and Volume 144.

FDNY: TWO RESCUES IN THE SKY SPECIAL EDITION RESCUE COMPANY Like many fire departments, the City of New York Fire Department employs various means of rescuing people from life-threatening situations. These include the use of ladders, fire escapes, interior exits, and adjoining buildings as conditions dictate. As a last resort we employ our Life Saving Rope (LSR). On Tuesday morning, May 14, we encountered such a “last resort” situation that tested our training, our rope rescue capabilities, and our courage. In an extremely dangerous and dramatic situation, we had to perform two separate rope rescues at the same fire—using the same LSR. RELATED 2017 FDNY Rope Rescue Establishing the Rope Rescue Anchor System Patient Packaging for Rope Rescue Operations Rope Rescue /Rappelling Training Deaths: Five Lessons The Physics of Rope Rescue Operations TWO VICTIMS, TWO RESCUES At about 11 a m., Rescue 1 received an alarm via radio for a…

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