Issue 7 and Volume 144.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST SCBA National Draeger, Inc.’s Buddy Breather/Airlinc open-circuit SCBA provides the user the capability of employing the same connection for either emergency buddy breathing or connecting to an external air source for supplied respirator operations. Available in 2,216 psi for a 30-minute service life or 4,500 psi for a 30-, 45,or 60-minute service life. Circle No. 10 on Reader Service Card CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE GLOVE SYSTEM Chcmron'” Inc. offers the M701 Removable Double Glove System, which allows users to quickly exchange contaminated or inappropriate outer gloves without compromising the integrity of protective ensembles. The inner ring, after mounting the selected base glove, is secured to the suit. The outer ring and glove lock to the inner ring. Cirdo No. II on Reader Service Card FIRESTOP COLLARS One-piece metal firestop collars to meet building codes from 3M’s Ceramic Materials Department are CL Classified for both vent and process piping. The Plastic…

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