Issue 7 and Volume 144.

ATTRACTING RECRUITS: A MATTER OF IMAGE VOLUNTEERS CORNER Recruiting and retaining quality firefighters are the most important issues facing volunteer and on-call fire departments. Without sufficient personnel, all other concerns are secondary. Departments, consequently, must develop plans for recruiting and retaining personnel. Some pointers on recruitment and retention follow. MARKETING If you want to continue to provide service to your community, you must publicize and promote your organization Would-be firefighters in your community should know that you need volunteers and that your department is competent and professional. Newer residents often are not aware of the type and caliber of their fire department. Residents coming from a larger city, for example, may assume that the department in their new community is an all-career department. Target marketing for potential recruits should be directed to populations, particularly women and minorities, that typically do not consider working as part-time firefighters. Promoting the department also…

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