Issue 9 and Volume 144.

LOW-COST AUTOMATIC LIGHTING FOR FIRE STATIONS Our priority of safety led us to search for an affordable signal-activated lighting system for each of our 12 stations. The system was to provide a light in each bunk room and other dark areas whenever an alarm was sent to the station. We chose a system that used easy-to-purchase, plug-in modules, was compatible with existing electrical wiring, and did not involve building codes or permits. Firefighters installed the system. The “sending” module, which interfaces with our station’s radio through the use of a two-minute timer circuit, plugs into the wall receptacle somewhere near the station radio. [Tie module requires either a contact closure or a low voltage (6 to 18 volts) as an input, which should be obtained from the source that activates the fire station’s alarm-signaling device. If the input is instantaneous, a timer must be installed between the radio and the…

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