Issue 9 and Volume 144.

IN-HOUSE ASSESSMENT CENTERS An in-house assessment center, instituted in 1981, is an integral part of the Winston-Salem (NC) Fire Department’s management system. It has helped our administrators identify and evaluate supervisory and management potential early in candidates’ careers, evaluate the organization’s maturity, select managers and supervisors, and establish future directions for staff development. The assessment process also has helped personnel make positive selfexaminations, establish self-expectations, widen perceptions of the organization. and identify steps toward organizational maturity. Dr. Henry Murray generally is credited with coining the phrase “assessment center” from his studies involving the personalities of people he encountered at Harvard University during the 1930s. During World War II. the military used the assessmentcenter process to select intelligence agents; it was used primarily by the military until the early 1950s. Private industry began to use and develop the assessment process during the 1950s. The management development program used by AT&T during…

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