Issue 9 and Volume 144.

ROAD RALLYE VOLUNTEERS CORNER The Frankfort (IL) Fire Department, located about 40 miles southwest of Chicago, protects an area that is growing steadily in terms of homes, heavily populated subdivisions, light industry, and strip malls. As a result, many new streets have been added to our department’s 44-square-mile protection district, which also includes a small airport in addition to the village of Frankfort (population 25,000) and rural and industrial areas. The volunteer department has 37 firefighters, a full-time chief and fire marshal, six full-time paramedics, and a part-time fire inspector. The fire protection district mapbook divides the district into onemile-square blocks. A diagram of each block is assigned a separate page in the mapbook. Blocks for the rural sections show roads, farms, homes, and commercial establishments. On pages depicting the village of Frankfort and the district’s more heavily populated areas, streets, address ranges, and many commercial establishments are diagrammed. If…

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