Issue 10 and Volume 144.

POTOMAC INDIGESTION CAPITOL CONNECTION The fire service eats its young, and in Washington Congressman Curt Weldon is being added to some menus. No doubt, Curt —founder and chairman of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus—enjoys too much of the limelight to suit many national fire groups. He and his staff have accomplished in a few years what the nowdefunct Joint Council of Fire Service Organizations couldn’t produce in several lifetimes—interest and credibility. His Congressional Fire Services Institute has attracted private-sector funding long untapped by the national fire groups. In spite of his accomplishments— or maybe because of them—the word is getting out: “Curt is out of touch. The Caucus is a paper tiger. Curt has used the fire service to feed his political ambitions.” The words hurt—in part because they come from people Curt has helped. But is there some truth in those unkind words? IS CURT OUT OF TOUCH? Lobbyists…

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