Issue 10 and Volume 144.

NEWS IN BRIEF Toxic spills on the rise Toxic spills on highways and involving rail cars are increasing. Rail incidents were up 46 percent since 1985, according to reports released by public action organizations; the reports show that spills have increased between 1989 and 1990 also. An article in USA TODAY (July 25, 1991) cited several recent incidents, among them the derailment in California of a train carry ing a toxic fumigant (metam sodium) in July. The spill into the Sacramento River killed thousands of fish; threatened Shasta Lake, a major source of drinking water; and made at least 100 responders and residents sick. The following week, a truck carrying hazardous waste caught fire on an interstate highway near Washington, D.C., during the afternoon rush hour. Numerous reports of similar events have appeared in the media. The following incidents, for example, are only a sampling of the items reported throughout…

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