Issue 10 and Volume 144.

LIFE SENTENCE EDITOR’S OPINION “It has been charged that the company had made a practice of keeping the doors locked to prevent tardy employees from slipping in without detection, and to compel all to go out through one door, under scrutiny, to prevent petty theft. How true this is will be ascertained after further investigation. One thing, however, seems to stand out very clearly—that the proprietors of nearly all such factories, in their eagerness to make money, place too small a value on human lives.” I lifted these words from the March 29, 1911 issue of this publication, then called Fire and Water Engineering. They were written by Frederick W. Shepperd less than a week after the infamous Asch Building (Triangle Shirtwaist) fire in New’ York City that claimed nearly ISO lives. In the wake of the Imperial Food Products tragedy in Hamlet, North Carolina, last month, in which 25…

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