Issue 10 and Volume 144.

Photos by author DIVING IN CONTAMINATED WATERS: TECHNIQUES Diving in contaminated water is not much different from diving under ordinary conditions. The procedures and techniques used underwater are basically the same as those for any surface-supplied dive. The real differences in diving in contaminated water are the procedures and techniques that take place before and after the dive. Gear setup, dress-in procedures, and decontamination are quite different when diving in contaminated water compared with diving in less hostile environments. Preparation for a contaminated water dive starts with the training. Even an experienced scuba diver requires training on the extra equipment needed for contaminated water diving. Thorough familiarity with dry-suit diving and surface-supplied diving techniques is necessary. The most difficult and important part of contaminated-water diving is dressing the diver quickly and efficiently so that he doesn’t overheat. Learning to operate the dive-control console that supplies the air to the diver…

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