Issue 11 and Volume 144.

FIREFIGHTING IN THE PINE BARRENS As more and more forested lands are developed into suburban communities, the structural firefighter rapidly is becoming the primary responder to brush and forest fires. This is especially true in the East Coast pitch pine and oak forests, known as “pine barrens.” These forests are both fire prone and fire dependent —fire is necessary for their existence. Pine barrens contain some of the most hazardous types of fuel in the nation. According to the I S. Department of Agriculture National Fire Danger Rating System, pine barren forests present firefighters with risks and perils equal to the high fire hazard areas of the California chaparral. Knowing how to size up a brush or forest fire; understanding the nature and behavior of wildfires; and know -ing when and how to use the right equipment, manpower, and tactics are the ingredients for successfully fighting these fires. Suburban firefighters…

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