Issue 11 and Volume 144.

METRO-DATE’S MOBILE EQUIPMENT BUREAU Using the talents of each of my six staff members (uniformed and nonuniformed) to the utmost presented me with a major challenge as director of the Metro-Dade (FL) Fire Department’s Mobile Equipment Bureau. The bureau—which falls within the Logistical Services Division —is responsible for more than 300 vehicles and more than 3,000 pieces of related equipment. Since employees usually perform more effectively when they are assigned a job function in which they can specialize and their expertise can be fostered, 1 had each employee list his duties. All said that they performed practically the same tasks. It was then that I decided to have members specialize in specific areas while also working together on normal dayto-day routines. To realize this objective, more efficient operations were needed. Computerization certainly was a major move in that direction. In the past, we wrote work orders for vehicles by hand…

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