Issue 12 and Volume 144.

LIVE-FIRE TRAINING PITS Building the pits where firefighters will be trained in simulated, realistic, live-fire airport incidents involves preplanning, especially in light of Environmental Protection Agency (FPA) regulations that govern the impact these exercises will have on contaminating ground water and emitting smoke into the air. Otherwise, it is conceivable that a newly constructed pit could be functional but not usable because it was not designed properly or it was constructed of materials that do not meet FPA requirements. To avoid this problem, Federal Aviation Administration specifications should be followed when designing and constructing the pit, and all applicable local, state, and federal environmental and fire regulations also should be consulted. The following are among the major considerations when constructing a live-fire pit. Bum area. Many airports designate the size of this area according to the amount of available land. Although this is a viable consideration, the pit s size…

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