Issue 12 and Volume 144.

AMMONIA HAZARDS Ammonia, often referred to as anhydrous ammonia, is a colorless gas with a bitter taste and a sharp, intensely irritating, characteristic odor. It is one of the highest-volume chemicals produced in the United States and is found in industry, agriculture, and all modes of transportation. PROPERTIES Ammonia is a gas in its natural state and, because of its relatively high boiling point ( – 28°F), is easily liquefiable. Since so much more material can occupy the same space in a liquid form rather than as a gas. ammonia usually is shipped and stored as a liquid. It is colorless as a liquid, but as it vaporizes it may take on a white appearance as it condenses water out of the air. Ammonia is very soluble in water, forming an alkaline solution of ammonium hydroxide. Ammonia’s specific gravity as a liquid is 0.68. its vapor density as a gas…

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