Issue 12 and Volume 144.

Continued from page 102. fire stumbling up the bulkhead stairs and staring into the faces of two company officers, each extremely clean and getting in each other’s way. I said, “I’m here to invite you to participate in the firefight down below; my two guys are on the way to the ambulance!” Extra tools. Any “truckee” entering the building at top-floor fires should carry a hook —in addition to his or her assigned tools —for example, forcible entry tools and a hook, or an extinguisher and two hooks. Why? Once the fire is determined to be in the attic or cockloft, almost all of the ceilings will have to come down to expose the tricky cockloft space— and fast. Forcible entry done, the primary search complete, ceilings are next —help! If the engine knocks down the red stuff, they can help, but only if there is an extra hook for…

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