Issue 12 and Volume 144.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM WATER SUPPLY ANALYSIS An automatic sprinkler system is only as good as its water supply. Just because a building is equipped with a sprinkler system doesn’t mean the sprinkler system will be effective—it must be supported by a water supply that can meet the demands of both sprinklers and hose streams during a firelight. To evaluate the adequacy of a sprinkler system, it is important to evaluate the water supply that is available to feed the system as well as calculate the amount of water needed to supply the sprinkler system and hose streams. It is equally important that the available water supply be checked periodically (at least yearly) for adequacy in meeting the original sprinkler/hose stream demand. Finally, the building the sprinkler system protects must be evaluated to ensure that its occupancy/hazard type or storage arrangement (in the case of warehouses) has not changed to render the…

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