Issue 1 and Volume 145.

TRUNKING RADIO COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS Increasing population. Growing demands for service. Expanding services provided by public safety agencies. Shrinking budgets. All these factors, plus the rapid consumption of the radio frequency spectrum, contribute to an impending radio communications crisis. The advent of many highpowered FM entertainment radio stations has a great, negative impact on the public safety channels in the 140MHz to 450-MHz range. Allocating to the private sector radio channels formerly assigned to the public sector represents an erosion of radio frequencies once available to public safety. The existing methods for using radio frequencies, or the radio-frequency spectrum, must be changed, since the available radio spectrum is relatively insignificant compared with the escalating demand for this resource. Otherwise, the fire service soon may find itself within a “communications Tower of Babel.” Technological and philosophical intervention are needed if a serious crisis is to be averted. The trunking radio system appears…

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