Issue 4 and Volume 145.

HOW DO YOU VOTE? EDITOR’S OPINION “Engine or ladder companies shall assemble crews of at least four members before conducting interior structural firefighting operations. The fire department shall develop, train, apply and review standard operating procedures that specify how four member crews will be assembled and managed within actual local conditions, resources, and circumstances. The fire department’s response plan shall include the response time of members arriving on the incident scene. The fire deportment shall identify the period of initiol operations and shall develop a response plan that produces four member engine or ladder companies for interior structural fire fighting operations during this initial period and that provides for their safe operation.” Amidst the commotion of our presidential primaries, some members of the fire service are casting ballots of their own. At stake is a national consensus standard for on-scene minimum staffing levels—a proposed addition to NFPA 1500 requiring that…

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