Issue 4 and Volume 145.

FIRE IN THE HOLD SHIPBOARD DRILL A shipboard fire presents a significant challenge to land-based firefighters who, realistically, cannot have intimate knowledge of every vessel visiting their jurisdiction. The Metro-Dade County (FI.) Fire Department has responsibility for marine fire protection at the Port of Miami and a large portion of the Miami River. Miami’s proximity to the Caribbean has made the Port of Miami the largest cruise ship port in the world; no fewer than 17 cruise ships begin their voyages from Miami. Cargo ships use the Port of Miami and the Miami River as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. Our department is fortunate to receive excellent cooperation and technical consultation from the United States Coast Cuard and local cruise and shipping lines. We recently participated in a firefighting drill aboard one of the largest cruise ships berthed at the Port of Miami. The ship is 1…

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