Issue 5 and Volume 146.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TRUCK CHAUFFEUR POSITION TRAINING NOTEBOOK Dave had been a firefighter for six months. As a “probie,” he was not yet allowed to carry the nozzle into the fire. Usually, he was the “go-fer.” He was sent out to the street to bring back the needed tools, hoses, or nozzles. He thought that firefighting was exciting and glamorous, but he did not yet realize or accept the dangers involved. A multiple alarm in a commercial building was to change his naive and romantic view of firefighting to a more realistic one in which his knowledge and actions could mean the difference between life and death. During this multiple-alarm incident, his hoseline initially was meant to back up the attack line; but the chief since had ordered the lieutenant to take the hose up to the next floor. There was not enough hose in the stretch to accomplish…

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