Issue 6 and Volume 146.

SPRINKLERS AND OTHER FIRE SAFETY MEASURES At 1307 hours, on Monday, October 26, 1992, the Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department received a call from a frantic caller, who reported “Apartment A-41 of the Ashley Court Apartments was burning.” First-alarm companies were dispatched to Building #4 of the apartment complex —a large, three-story, truss-constructed structure with 26 living units. In his initial report, the captain of the first engine company to arrive advised the Dispatch Center that fire was lapping from the first floor. He continued to size up the situation, established command, and assigned units. His unit became the fire attack team. The captain took these actions because he realized that the behavior of the fire and the construction features of the building were at odds with an extended offensive assault. An interior attack was ordered. The fire attack group stretched a 1 ¾-inch water line through the front entrance to…

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