Issue 6 and Volume 146.

CONDUCTING SAFE LIVE BURNS Photo courtesy of Scranton Fire Department New York. As is the case in many parts of the country, volunteer fire departments comprise the majority of the fire protection for western New York state. The ability of these departments to train adequately is limited to in-house company drills, a state fire course or two, and an occasional trip to the smokehouse. Although these sessions provide firefighters with a basis of information and skills, the most important ingredient —that of experience—is missing. Incorporating a livefire exercise into the overall training program adds a totally different dimension to the program. Live-fire training concentrates on aggressive, coordinated interior fire suppression operations. Unfortunately, when one speaks of live-fire training, focus quickly turns to several disastrous incidents that have occurred across our country in the past few years. Naturally, catastrophes put a damper on one of the most effective training tools available,…

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