Issue 8 and Volume 146.

MARKETING BY THE NUMBERS RANDOM THOUGHTS In June we reviewed some of the impact rolldown security doors have on the behavior of a fire building and, therefore, on our operations, preplanning, and immediate decision making. We left off trying to tie in our staffing difficulties with one of America’s more common fire problems—the taxpayer or strip store. You know the ones I’m talking about —fourto many-store occupancies within a single structure. Taxpayers are built as cheaply as possible and are separated by fixed or movable separation walls within a single structure enclosure— two bearing walls and two enclosure walls. An additional fire problem is that all the stores share a common attic space or cockloft. Some have common cellar spaces separated with flimsy combustible security partitions. I promised to tie this type of fire problem in with our staffing levels— more directly, into marketing our need for adequate staffing to…

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