Issue 8 and Volume 146.

MANAGING WORKFORCE DIVERSITY During the period from 1984 to 1990, the Prince George’s County (MD) Fire Department (PGCFD) conducted the most vigorous recruiting and hiring campaigns in its history. Services were expanded during these favorable budget times, and firefighters and paramedics were hired at an accelerated pace. Hiring women and members of minority groups was strongly emphasized. During that period, the female employee population increased by eight percent, to constitute 16 percent Of the workforce; and the number of ethnic minority personnel increased by 13 percent, to represent 27 percent of the workforce. Managing this new diverse employee population presented some problems and revealed the need for improved strategies, especially in light of predictions that during the 1990s more than 80 percent of the net new employees in the country’s workforce will be women and ethnic minority men. We realized we would need a proactive and comprehensive plan for managing…

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