Issue 10 and Volume 146.

CONVERSION TO A SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNIT VOLUNTEERS CORNER Our idea for a multipurpose support unit began as a way to prolong the life of the Leonia (NJ) Fire Department’s heavy rescue truck by answering minor emergency calls and carrying auxiliary equipment. In addition to this support function, we also wanted a vehicle that could transport our rescue boat. Keeping our tight budget In mind, we came up with the following requirements for a special operations unit: The unit must have sufficient compartment space to carry auxiliary equipment such as submersible pumps and hazardous-materials absorbents, freeing up much-needed compartment space on the primary apparatus. The body style must allow for the mounting of a 28-foot ladder along with forcible entry tools required for police assistance calls. This would eliminate the need for a rescue or ladder truck to respond. The body style also must allow space for mounting a 14-foot aluminum…

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