The Rescue of Firefighter Kevin Shea

Issue 12 and Volume 146.

Lt. Jack McAllister and the members of Rescue Co. I had been assigned to the Vista Hotel by the command post. When they entered the lobby, they were told by building personnel that some workers on the lower levels could not be located. The smoke condition in the hotel lobby was light, but the smoke rising from the stairway was heavy and obscured visibility Rescue 1 proceeded down the smoke-filled stairway to the B-l level. While searching the rooms adjacent to this corridor, Firefighter Kevin Shea and Firefighter Gary Geidel heard someone calling for help. The sound seemed to be coming from the garage area, and both firefighters started moving toward the call for help, stepping over and onto piles of rubble as they went. Visibility was extremely poor in this location. Suddenly, Shea fell some 40 to 50 feet through the rubble and fire. RELATED: Kevin Shea: At the Bottom…

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