Issue 1 and Volume 147.

FIREFIGHTING IN COVERED MALLS, PART 2 Part 1 appeared in the November 1993 issue. TRUCK OPERATIONS “Ladder 1 to Chief 3, we have extremely heavy smoke conditions in the entire center of the mall. Visibility is zero on the upper level.” The chief orders all mechanical ventilation hatches to be opened. A second 2’/z-inch line is stretched. A mutual-aid request is made for more equipment and manpower. The incident commander’s uppermost concerns are evacuation and fire extension. As always, an aggressive search is the first priority for the members assigned truck duties. To accomplish this as well as to allow the engine to get to the fire, forcible entry is needed-and may present a significant challenge. Mall entrance doors and gates or sliding doors on individual stores may have to be forced. Rear doors to individual stores often are locked both day and night. These doors may be very difficult…

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