Issue 1 and Volume 147.

MAINTAINING FIRE SCENE SECURITY FOR HIGH-RISE INVESTIGATIONS In May 1989, members of the Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department fought for three days to extinguish a stubborn fire on the windowless ninth floor of the Penn Mutual Insurance building. In February 1991, three Philadelphia firefighters died battling a raging fire that involved the upper floors of One Meridian Plaza. In both cases, the fire department maintained control of the building long after extinguishing the fire. We in the fire service frequently judge our success in terms of lives and property saved. The owners and occupants of the building, the insurance companies involved, and the legal community also will judge your success-based on how well you manage the fire scene after the flames arcextinguished. High-rise buildings, depending on their size, may be occupied by hundreds or even thousands of people. If the fire grows beyond the incipient stage, almost every tenant floor is…

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