Issue 1 and Volume 147.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PORTABLE DC GENERATOR Active Technologies Inc. has begun marketing its new portable DC generator. The “Lightning Charger” weighs 15 pounds and produces 55 amps at 12 volts. It is equipped with a twin 115-volt DC outlet, designed to allow operators to run emergency lighting as well as handheld power tools. Circle No. 7 on Reader Service Card CHIMNEY FIRE EXTINGUISHER The 11-inch, 5‘/4-pound, aluminum Chimney Snuffer from Jaflrey, designed to be operated by one firefighter, cuts conventional chimney fire knockdown time by one-half. It attaches to a booster line or reinforced garden hose. Eight nozzles spray 2⅛ quarts per minute at 60 psi. Its torpedo shape penetrates creosote buildup. Circle No. 8 on Reader Service Card PEN-BASED ELECTRONIC TABLETS Sunpro’s mobile pen-based computers are designed to aid fire service personnel with fire inspections and other activities for which keyboards are impractical or obtrusive. Sunpro’s Scriptwriter II weighs…

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