Issue 1 and Volume 147.

FORCIBLE ENTRY TOOL STORAGE AND MAINTENANCE RAY MCCORMACK THE TRUCK COMPANY Successful forcible entry operations begin in the fire station. The company whose members keep their forcible entry tools organized in a logical manner and follow a systematic inspection program for their tools increases its chances for fireground success. TOOL STORAGE The basic forcible entry tool set consists of a flathead axe and a halligan tool. However, modern lock technology and the increasingly diverse situations fire departments respond to require that this basic tool set be augmented with a K-tool and a small hydraulic forcible entry tool. These four tools should be placed inside the crew cab so that they are available to the forcible entry team prior to leaving the apparatus. Additional forcible entry tools, including bolt cutters, lock breakers, mauls, pipe wrenches, and bam-bam tools, should be grouped together in a single compartment. The forcible entry power saw…

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