Issue 2 and Volume 147.

PREPLANNING YOUR RESPONSE: IT’S IN THE CARDS With reduced staffing levels the rule rather than the exception, today’s fire service must continue to take preplanning seriously. Whether responding to a structure fire, brush fire, medical emergency, or hazardous-materials incident, we must have as much information as possible before we arrive at the scene. The better our planning is prior to an emergency response, the better we will be able to direct our resources toward ensuring an efficient operation. We can ensure proper initialand multiple-alarm response of apparatus and manpower. However, many departments have no standing procedures by which these needed resources are received. If your department does not use up-to-date response cards, it should consider doing so. Proper response cards are beneficial for the following reasons: They minimize fireground distractions by allowing the fireground commander to summon a predetermined amount of equipment and number of personnel with a simple command…

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