Issue 3 and Volume 147.

Continued from page 178. ⅜ all the reasons we discussed a few years ago in this column. So now for outside from above. Where would that happen? As a roof team from a flat roof location. Once the vertical ventilation is accomplished, you are in a great position to rapidly relieve the conditions ‘ on the fire floor. If the fire is on the top floor, it is mandatory that you begin horizontal ventilation immediately after opening the roof, most times before you begin to cut the roof (top-floor fire, remember). ⅜ At top-floor fires, go to where you think the fire is located. Remember sectioning the roof at least into quadrants by size-up (Random Thoughts from months ago)? Break out the most severely exposed window. Then continue in one direction until the windows no longer give off heavy smoke or fire conditions. Then return to the original position and…

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