Issue 6 and Volume 147.

FLASHOVER: THE SUDDEN, SILENT KILLER SPEAKING OF SAFETY (Photos courtesy of author.) Flashovers have been happening in North America since 1590, but they seem to be having a more adverse impact on firefighters now than ever before. One of the reasons for this is lack of experience. Most firefighters rarely get to see a flashover. Either they arrive in time to keep it from happening or they arrive after it happens Unfortunately for some firefighters, the first flashover they witnessed was also their last. Not many of us have accumulated enough firsthand experience to contribute credible advice to those who haven’t witnessed a flashover. During my 10 years with the Wisconsin state training program, however. I had the opportunity to watch more than a hundred fires progress from ignition to flashover as we intentionally burned a great variety of buildings, including residences, grain elevators, schools, factories, hotels, stores, and others.…

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