Issue 6 and Volume 147.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Traffic cones safer than flares I would like to comment on Captain Doug Leihbacher’s article, “Safe Placement of Apparatus on Roadways at Nonstructural Fires” (April 1994). He raises several excellent points. In addition, he refers twice to the use of road flares. In my nine years as a police officer and 18 years as a member of a volunteer fire department, I have found that the advantages of using plastic traffic cones, properly marked with reflective bands, far outweigh the disadvantages and dangers associated with the typical road flare or fusee. The spitting and spattering of molten sulfur and the generation of an intolerable amount of noxious smoke are just two of the disadvantages hazards avoided through the use of the traffic cone. Moreover. the use of a flare would be inappropriate. if not hazardous, for some incidents. including those involving liquid spills and hazardous materials.…

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