Issue 6 and Volume 147.

LOOSE ENDS EDITOR’S OPINION No questions for the “First Lady”? Officials gushed at the April 21 Senate confirmation hearing of Carrye B. Brown as administrator of the USFA. Representative Curt Weldon, founder of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, dubbed Brown “the First lady of the Fire Service.” Senator Richard Bryan remarked that the hearing was “more like a coronation than a confirmation… I had a list of questions outlined to ask Mrs. Brown, but I am not going to ask them.” Firefighters should have many questions for the “First Lady,” among which should be, Do you have a plan specifically to assist local fire service entities across America to elevate the training, safety, and firefighting capabilities of firefighters? Are you aware that America Burning called for the 1 SFA to “provide bloc | sic | grants to State government units for disbursement to local governments’? Will you visit our fire…

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