Issue 6 and Volume 147.

FIRE ENGINEERING 45 “FIREFIGHTERS IN THE CEILING”: A LOOK AT FIXED FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS AND AGENTS A comprehensive collection of information on our second line of fire defense: “The World After Halon,” by Thomas J. Forsythe; “What Firefighters Should Know About Automatic Sprinkler Choices,” by Donald Garner and Gary Keith; “Automatic Sprinklers Save Resources,” by William F. Jenaway; “Water-Mist Fire Suppression Systems,” by Stephen Leeds; and “Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems,” by Paul B. Cromer. 81 HIGH-RISE CURTAIN WALL ADDS TO FIREFIGHTING CHALLENGES Fire extension via the curtain wall gap has been well-documented at two recent high-rise fires Accounting for this potential in fireground strategy and tactics and in fire prevention activities is critical to safe and successful high-rise operations. Robert C. Drennen 86 BANKERS TRUST FIRE, NEW YORK CITY A large high-rise fire in midtown Manhattan reinforces important lessons in high-rise fire protection practices, firefighting strategy and tactics, and…

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