Issue 6 and Volume 147.

MEETINGS FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU Fire prevention officers are busy people. Running from inspection to inspection, responding to citizens’ complaints, reviewing a stack of sprinkler system plans, filling out endless forms—just keeping up with the routine work is a major endeavor. Conducting meetings, then, may be seen as a real burden by some people. hut although conducting meetings takes time and effort, it often can be a real saver” in the long run. Communicating face-to-face with your “customers” can provide direction, minimize misunderstandings. and resolve problems. This column will provide some ideas for enhancing the effectiveness of your meetings and improving their end results W hen are meetings necessary? Most experienced personnel have a sense of when to call a meeting. Such times include when major problems may develop, when major problems have developed. when a telephone call just won’t “cut it” (when misunderstandings may occur w ithout a face-to-face meeting).…

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