Issue 6 and Volume 147.

HIGH-RISE CURTAIN WALL ADDS TO FIREFIGHTING CHALENGES “Second alarm on Box 1212, 18th and Market streets. Fire is reported at 1812 Market Street on the 19th floor.” Ladder 6 responds on the second alarm and is ordered to check the 20th floor for vertical fire spread. Battalion 5 informs the captain of Ladder 6 that Engine 27 also has been assigned to report with the high-rise hose bag to floor 20. The captain of Ladder 6 and his firelighters use the low-rise elevator bank and proceed to the 14th floor, which is the top floor of the bank. They then proceed to the 20th floor via the stairwell on the east side of the floor. Fire crews have initiated an attack on the 19th floor from the stairwell on the west side of the core. On opening the stairwell door on the 20th floor, the captain observes a verylight smoke…

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