Issue 7 and Volume 147.

Continued from page 86. Turn it around and hold it “short” at the hook head, leaving the handle to drag behind you on the stair tread. Axes. They must be “married” to another tool (this really is the case with all hand tools for trucks). Carry it with the halligan tool (mostly) or hook (roof operations on top-floor fires). Remember, any truck function assignment is not a one-tool operation. The most you will use an axe in today’s fire service is to strike something or to cut windowsills to begin overhaul and remove the entire window frame assembly. Today’s fire departments usually await power saws when cutting is needed, even on inside parts of the structure. Axes without striking surfaces, pickhead axes, should be chromed, marked with the name of the person retiring, mounted on a plaque, and given as a memento—that is, if you believe no truck assignment is…

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