Issue 8 and Volume 147.

THE NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE: REPORT AND ANALYSIS Editor’s note America watched with horror the events of January 17, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. The earthquake that occurred that day-it soon after would be known as the Northridge Earthquake-brought a city to its knees and caused incalculable human suffering. The firefighters of Los Angeles, shaken from quarters, were faced with a seemingly impossible task. But throughout this cruel test of spirit, the firefighters responded with courage and excellence. In this special issue. Fire Engineering presents a comprehensive report and analysis of fire department response to the Northridge Earthquake. It provides insight into organizational preparedness and management for large-scale disasters; focuses on major events that tested members’ training, experience, and expertise; details the performances of specific types of structures in the earthquake; and describes fire protection systems challenges. Our coverage includes several of the most significant emergency events that required fire department response;…

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