Issue 9 and Volume 147.

TEACHING THE FIRE FORCE TWENTYSOMETHINGS, PART 2 TRAINING NOTEBOOK In preparation for teaching the twentysomethings, you must assess their learning abilities and communicate your department’s vision, core values, and expectations to new employees. You will have to do more research on each candidate and provide more feedback than you ever did in the 1980s. You already may require a medical physical and a physical agility test for your firefighter candidates. In addition, you should consider administering a reading comprehension test early in your program. In Fairfax County. Virginia, recruit firefighter students have tested as low as 2.4to 4.6-grade ability on a standardized reading assessment test. Your local high school or community college should have the assessment resources you need. DAILY PHYSICAL FITNESS Physical development will require daily physical fitness sessions to develop cardiovascular capacity and strength training. A three-step training process should be followed. Every day will include warm-up stretching,…

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