Issue 9 and Volume 147.

PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND MEDIA FIREPRO® LIGHTWEIGHT MONITOR Fire Products Manufacturing, Inc.: 1 ½-inch Model FP1-125 bent tube monitor; 18 inches high, 11 inches wide, 20-lb. weight. Provides flows from 125 to 350 gpm through a full flow 1 1/2-inch seamless waterway. Applications include Class A Foam, CAFS systems, haz mat, fire curtains, cooling streams. Stainless steel discharge thread, 360° horizontal travel, 14 vertical travel. Grde No. 15 0* Reader Service Card PUMP PLUS 2000 BATTERY CHARGER/AIR COMPRESSOR Kussmaul electronics Company, Inc.: Automatically recharges batteries; stops charging when charge cycle is completed. Full 15-ampere output to dual battery systems; each battery indcpendently controlled. Bar-graph display indicates state of charge. Air compressor maintains pressure in air brake systems and compensates for leakage of air during long idle periods. Grde No. 16 oa Reoder Service Card PhD MULTI-GAS DETECTORS Biosystems Inc: Now may be ordered as complete confined space entry kits. Monitor up…

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