Issue 9 and Volume 147.

A “NEW” PLAYER IN THE STANDARDS GAME EDITOR’S OPINION Shortly after the International Association of Fire Fighters officially returned to the fold as a participant in the National Fire Protection Association standards process, the Alliance for Fire and Emergency Management (known until recently as the International Society of Fire Service Instructors) announced the creation of its own separate, consensus standards-making body. Directly or indirectly, establishing an Alliance standards division is a power play against the NFPA’s National Fire Codes, a challenge the NFPA could avoid only by publicly apologizing, in effect, for some of its most important fire service standards. It appears the Alliance has assigned itself a daunting task. The NFPA’s size, history, renewed financial stability, and political clout are in its favor. And the IAFF’s jumping back onto the NFPA Love Boat wouldn’t appear to make things any easier for an alternative standards body. The Alliance is betting…

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