Issue 9 and Volume 147.

SECONDARY SEARCH RANDOM THOUGHTS “Primary and secondary search completed—negative.” (Or, followed by that ambiguous “All clear.”) What is wrong with the above statement? It seems that much of the fireground terminology to which many connotative as well as denotative phrases have been attached over the years is tossed aside. What is w’rong with the above statement is that we conduct primary search on the fireground. and then we conduct secondary search. Primary search, as discussed recently, is the initial, immediate, and aggressive examination of a fire building for people and information relative to the strategy and tactics in place at the time. Primary search is performed before the fire is declared under control. SECONDARY SEARCH Secondary search is begun after we reach that benchmark of “under control.” While the objectives of each part of search remain basically the same, the nature, methodology, and technique of secondary search differ from those…

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