Issue 10 and Volume 147.

“WEIRD” FIRES RANDOM THOUGHTS Let’s discuss “weird fires,” the usual description attributed to these incidents during the critique immediately following them. CELLAR FIRES Always a pain. So what is the problem? First, plan for local collapse. The fire almost always involves delayed discovery for alarm and delayed discovery by us. The reason for the first delay should be obvious, especially if the structure is unoccupied. The second delay is a mental lapse on our part—unless, of course, flames arc issuing from small windows on arrival. We usually set up for a front entry to the structure, believing the smoke condition is caused by a first-floor fire. We then start our “let’s-find-it” waltz. Entry team in, hose team stretch. Good truck work dictates that the entry/search team find the fire. The frustrating delay of hearing it but not seeing it begins; then, outside for a moment and back in again— delay.…

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