Issue 11 and Volume 147.

MORE ON “WEIRD” FIRES RANDOM THOUGHTS Last month we “fell in” on cellar fires; this month I want to share some additional comments on these and other types of fires no one talks about. Cellar fires in private dwellings (remember. we handled the oil burner and are now talking about structural fire) fall into two categories, based on building construction: platform construction and the dreadful balloon construction. Entrance to the cellar is most efficient, productive, and protective from the interior of the first floor. Our goal is to protect the interior stair to the living floor of the onestory dwelling and the open interior killer stairs to the upper floor(s) of multistory private dwellings. Get down the stairs to the cellar floor as rapidly as possible after si/.eup. The two-or-more-story private dwelling has an additional risk factor that almost all multiple dwellings do not have. The stair to the second…

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