Issue 11 and Volume 147.

VICTIM REMOVAL FIRE FOCUS The five methods of removing victims, in priority order, are interior stairs, horizontal exits, fire escapes, ladders, and lifesaving rope. Following are some guidelines for safe evacuation by fire escape and ladder. WINDOW When a victim in a window is to be removed with an aerial ladder, the ladder should be placed two inches above the windowsill. Do not extend the ladder tip more than six inches into the window opening. This accomplishes two things: (1) The weight of the victim and rescuers will result in the ladder’s resting on the sill and (2) by not extending the ladder more than six inches, the window opening will not be blocked and will be available for entering and exiting. If two rescuers are available, the first one to ascend should enter the window and then assist the victim out of the window. teet first, to the other…

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